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Download Alzex Personal Finance Free software

Alzex Personal Finance Free includes only basic budgeting functions. However it is enough for tracking personal budget and expenses and well suitable for beginners.

Free budget software for desktop or laptop computer.
Download setup file, run it and follow the installer's on-screen instructions to complete installation.
11.4 MB
Portable version for regular USB drive.
Installs on any USB disk or external HDD.

To install Alzex Personal Finance Free on regular USB drive follow this simple steps: 1. Extract archive content to your USB drive. 2. Run PersonalFinances.exe from PersonalFinances folder on your usb drive.
13.9 MB
Portable version for PAF enabled drive.
Installs on PAF enabled drive. To learn more visit
11.3 MB

Free and Pro editions comparison table.

Alzex Personal Finance Pro & Free software editions data base files are compatible. You can upgrade to Professional version and save your exiting data.

Personal Finances edition Free Pro
Group transactions by categories and family members. yes yes
Unlimited number of accounts and currencies yes yes
Schedule for transactions yes yes
Enter frequent transactions with a click using History button yes yes
Group transactions by payee and projects no yes
Grouping, sorting and filters no yes
Unlimited tags for each transaction no yes
Scheduler no yes
Installs onto a removable USB flash drive or an external HDD no yes
Accounts grouping, hidden accounts no yes
Download currency exchange rates from yahoo or google no yes
Split transactions no yes
Transaction status - uncleared, cleared and reconciled. Account reconciliation no yes
Tax/discounts tracking no yes
Three additional customizable fields for each transaction no yes
Links to external files no yes
Transactions in any currency (differ from account currency) no yes
Batch editing no yes
Multi-user support, password protection and access restrictions no yes
Synchronization no yes
Import data from QIF, OFX, CSV or text files no yes
Export to QIF, CSV (Excel) and text files no yes
Calendar - useful to track transactions grouped by day, cash flow, and running balance no yes
Loans keeping no yes
Track your financial targets and personal budget no yes
Graphic reports: summary and trends no yes
Print transactions, loans, budget and reports. no yes
User icons for categories and accounts no yes