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Alzex Personal Finance software 5.0 first beta


Alzex Personal Finance software 5.0 beta 1

Version 5.0 based on new cross-platform core. One core for Windows, MacOS, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, etc. Now you can download first Windows beta. Versions for other platforms will be available later.

New in 5.0: Sinchronization, many users can work with one data base file simultaneously, user accounts, access restrictions, undo/redo history, new interface.

Beta 1

You can check:

  • Synchronization and import pfd files.
  • Transactions, accounts and categories (add, edit, delete, manage, etc)
  • Any other available(enabled) feature

Important: Don't track your real expenses in this beta version! Final version will not open data base file of the beta version.

Beta testing is over, thank you!