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Alzex Personal Finance software for iPhone and iPad available


Hey guys! We are excited to announce that the first mobile version of our home budget software is now available on the App Store, and you can use it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here’s the link to the app.

Alzex Finance software screenshot

Currently the mobile version allows you to add and edit transactions, events, accounts, currencies, categories, tags, etc. Also it updates currency exchange rates. However the most important thing is that the application works with the same type of data files as the desktop version for Windows, so you can move your database to the mobile device and keep on managing your money on the go. The application syncs data via Dropbox.

Soon we are going to release an update to the mobile and Windows versions. We’ll add compression of a database file (currently this file is pretty small but will be even smaller). You’ll be able to sync, open and save your database much faster than now and also save on bandwidth because your database file will be 8 times smaller. We believe this feature should be important for those who have been using our program for many years.

Then, we’ll be updating the mobile version with new features and start working on the Android version. Also we are going to release an update to the Windows version. As we were working on the mobile version, we have collected a lot of ideas and suggestions for changes and will be gradually bringing them to life.

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