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Self-budgeting and money management are the disciplines that, if learned and applied properly, greatly help us plan our purchases ahead, spend wisely, save and invest into our future and the future of our children. Knowing where you are in terms of finances and knowing which expense items are drawing more money than you deem necessary or reasonable is essential for maintaining a household budget and making sure that the bills will be paid in due time and you won’t find yourself with a hole in your pocket. If you feel the need for a reliable budget planner tool that will answer the questions that vex you the most and yet be intuitive, clear and unambiguous, Personal Finances is a perfect candidate for a place in your software collection.

Alzex Software gladly announces the release of Personal Finances 2.8, a new version of Personal Finances – a powerful, yet extremely user-friendly personal finance software intended for a wide range of users willing to be in full control of their expenses, have a clear picture of their current financial standing and ways of improving and optimizing their cash flow. Among the plethora of new features that version 2.8 has to offer is the ability to work directly from a USB flash drive, which greatly simplifies access to your private budget information and allows you to update your records anytime and anywhere.

Personal Finances was created as an alternative to such comprehensive and advanced budget software as Quicken or MS Money. Although offering impressive functionality and a multitude of features, these products lack the simplicity that so many users seek. These users wish to have all the necessary information right in front of their eyes and not spend hours with a user manual in their hands just to get an idea of how their gas expenditures have changes over the past six months since they purchased a second vehicle. Personal Finances was created with these users’ concerns in mind and offers excellent functionality topped by a stylish, clear, simple and highly intuitive user interface that will save you the trouble of delving into an entanglement of reports, filters, menus and options to get what you really need. The program will be an ideal choice for novices and people who are just beginning to use budget software to keep track of their finances.

When it comes to using complex accounting suites, the thing that annoys most users is the necessity to meticulously type in their expenses into the application – item by item. Personal Finances solves this problem by offering a number of features that greatly simplify data entry: text field auto-completion, one-click input of expenses, an ability to make copies of transactions, an ability to remember the transaction date (which comes extremely handy when you are adding transaction information retroactively) and a number of other improvements that make your interaction with the software truly enjoyable.

Personal Finances supports an unlimited number of accounts/currencies and is translated into 40+ languages. Other major features include: accounts summary view, rich import/export options, charts and reports, scheduling, password protection, custom fields in transactions, labels, sorting by family members, category and label type, easy-to-understand tree-view data representation and much, much more!

In a nutshell, Personal Finances is an excellent well-rounded product for tracking personal budget which can be used by anyone and, thanks to its support of USB flash drives, anywhere. Its clean interface, multilingual abilities, simplicity of use and a number of handy features make it an ideal choice of any money-conscious person looking for a reliable software financial advisor. It will show you how you spend your money and how you can benefit from making some changes to your monthly budget. Try it today to find out that the first person to say “Take care of the penny and the pound will take care of itself” couldn’t be more right!

About Alzex Software

Alzex Software is a private software development company. The company is dedicated to producing easy-to-use and efficient budget software solutions for home use. Since its foundation, Alzex Software has been working on improving its main products, developing new ones and providing technical support to customers across the world.


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