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Making a budget is as easy as ever with Alzex Personal Finance Pro

ALZEX Software today announces the release of Personal Finances Pro – a new pro version of a popular home budget software. The software tracks all the expenses and automatically logs the regular ones. By means of Personal Finances Pro it is possible to compare family gains and losses and also estimate the efficiency of using home budget resources. The software requires minimum time for record keeping.

Initially Personal Finances was designed as simple and clear financial software. Today the program’s new version - Personal Finances Pro 3.1 is strengthened by a number of useful features. At the same time the program preserves the beauty, simplicity and total clearness of the interface design.

Personal Finances Pro Multilanguage User Interface includes 40+ languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal), Hungarian, Slovak, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Estonian and more).

Now, for each transaction there are three additional fields (two texts fields and one marked with a “flag”) for user customization.

Personal Finances Pro Portable version can be installed and run from any regular USB or U3 smart drive.

The new version is adapted for working on PC’s with small screens, such as ASUS EeePC and other subnotebooks.

The “Quick Expense” function helps to fill in repeated transactions without typing the names over and over again. Just fill in one form and all the rest will be filled automatically.

Any transaction can be copied with all the saved settings and changes to expedite repeated entries.

There is no need for typing the transactions’ names every time – just choose the needed one out of a drop list, or type the first letters and Personal Finances Pro will complete the required transaction on its own.

By saving the date of the last transaction it is now possible to backdate several transactions without inserting the date each every time.

Other features of Personal Finances Pro include:

  • Unlimited number of accounts (credit cards, wallet, bank and more) and currencies
  • Charts and reports
  • Family budget
  • Summary view of all accounts
  • Unlimited number of categories and sub-categories
  • Import data from csv and txt files
  • Export transactions
  • Quick expenses function creates expenses by just one click
  • The transactions can be set up with the help of a scheduler
  • … and more.

Personal Finances Pro is an ultimate helper when income increases but the standard of living remains unchanged. This problem is especially of paramount importance for graduating students with first working experience and nearly all families with limited home budgets. The budget tool will help to track all expenses and analyze the efficiency of using family resources.

About ALZEX Software

ALZEX software, founded is 2006, is a company, producing budget software for home use. The company’s current products are Personal Finances, a complete budget planner solution for home users. To find out more information about the company, visit


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