Frequently asked questions

You have several versions of the finance software on the website. Which one is good for me?

If you are going to use the program on one computer, download the regular version. If you want to install the program on a USB drive and use it on any computer, you should download one of the Portable editions.

What’s the difference between Personal and Commercial licenses?

Personal license is intended for one user, Commercial license can be used for commercial purposes (on the enterprise, SMB company, etc.). Also licenses differ in the feature set: comparative table of licenses.

Can I install the program at home and work (on PC and USB drive)?

Yes. The license is intended for the user, not the computer. You can use the program on multiple devices that belong to you (within reasonable limits).

Can I upgrade my Personal license to Commercial license?

Personal license can be upgraded to Commercial license. Upgrade Personal license

Can I move data from the free version to Pro?

Databases of Alzex Personal Finance Free and Pro versions are compatible with each other. Just open your data file in the Pro version and keep on managing money. You can see the name and full path to your data file on the main window title, typically it is: My Documents\Personal Finances\your_file_name.pfd

I have entered several transactions, expenses or income, but they are not displayed. What is wrong?

First, check the time interval. If the date of the transaction does not fall into this interval, the transaction is not displayed. Make sure you selected the right account in the left list. Check the Scheduler tab.

Why do some transactions (transfers) have zero in the Amount column?

If you selected all accounts or a group of accounts and your transfer is made within the selected group, the total transfer amount may be equal to zero. Sometimes this amount may differ from zero:

  • You transferred $500 from one account to another and the bank took $15 as a commission. In this case the amount will be -$15
  • If you bought the currency at a favorable exchange rate, the amount reflects the profit. However, if the rate was bad, the Amount column reflects the amount of loss.

Are you interested about a translation of Alzex Personal Finance software into ...?

Yes, you can easily translate Alzex Personal Finance to your language. All language files in simple text format in "/Lang" folder (e.g. C:\Program files\Personal Finances\Lang\). If you do that, please send us translated file, we provide free activation key for translation.

If you have any question about our Software feel free to contact us.


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