Personal finance software helps get rid of overspending syndrome

As a person who just started a new career, or got a promotion, handling new opportunities, including a higher salary can be somewhat hard. People start experiencing the symptoms of repetitive shopping strain and overspending syndrome, making purchases faster than sound, going out to restaurants more often than before, spending more on clothes, accessories, etc. After a few months, the cold reality sends a distinct signal – buddy, you spend more than you earn. If you keep on this way, you are going to be broke soon.

Panacea against the shopping syndrome

Budgeting and a good personal finance program, such as Alzex Finance can be an effective panacea against the shopping syndrome. It may help you to enjoy the new opportunities coming from a new career path, while avoiding going massively into purchases.

Alzex Personal Finance will help to bring all banking, savings, credit card accounts, cash, as well as purchases and expenses to one place where the user can easily see the complete financial picture, monitor expenses by category, and modify some expense categories to make a personal budget. Using the program, you may, for example, find out that you spend a little too much on entertainment, clothes, accessories, cosmetics, restaurants. Further, the program will help you to understand how much you can save if you slash down problem categories to the minimum. Besides the current financial picture, you can project your expenses to the future and find out how much you will have at any future date, so that you can plan your purchases or summer vacation more efficiently.

Start budgeting

Budgeting in Alzex Finance is downright simple. When you run the program for the first time, you’ll have to set up accounts and enter transactions. Simply start typing the name and financial information for your banking account, savings account, credit cards, cash and pocket money. The second thing is to add transactions, including earnings, expense items, housing, utility, food, fuel, entertainment, etc. You can always enter more transactions at any future time. You can define transactions with categories, family members, and tags. Tags provide a way to separate similar transactions falling into the same category. Tagging transactions by family members will tell you about spending habits of everyone in your family, which is useful if you are married.

Alzex Personal Finance will show you if you go over the budget and prevent from going into debt. Let’s say, for example, you have entered your accounts, transactions and Personal Finances shows your monthly income is $2,600 and monthly expense is $2,750. Obviously, the monthly doesn’t look good as you have a negative cash flow of 150 dollars per month. That is definitely the time to give your budget a careful going over.

Look at the reports

What you should do in this situation is to look at the reports generated in Alzex Finance. Reports and graphs will show your problem areas are entertainment, taxi and restaurants. These items are to be modified. For example, you may reduce entertainment to $100, change taxi to $30 and bring restaurants to 0 and probably modify other expenses. That will give you a positive cash flow of $600 per month, which means you your budget will dance for you. You can take this money to save up for a vacation, or to buy goods, such a new fridge, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Budgeting with Alzex Personal Finance is amazingly easy. It’s easy to enter accounts and transactions, easy to follow your financial health and modify expense categories as the program puts all of the personal financial information and control tools right at your fingertips. If you have a very poor money sense, this program is a great tool for people interested in getting control over the money without giving up all the pleasures of life.

User testimonials

Just wanted to let you know I really love this program. Alzex Personal Finance software makes it possible for me to know exactly what I have to work with at any given moment and it has simplified my budgeting and money tracking considerably. Since my goal right now is to create a simple life, this home accounting software is right on target.

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  • Budget - is a quantitative expression of a plan for a defined period of time. It may include planned sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, costs and expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows.
  • Financial planner or personal financial planner is a professional who prepares financial plans for people.


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