Alzex Finance for Mac OS (beta)

This is beta version. We're waiting for your feedback, ideas and bug reports! You can share your opinion here or send it directly to us by email:

Open your existing database in iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive and work with it. To sync data simply save the file (File - Save or cmd+S). Tap "Sync now" button in the mobile version of the app to update file in the cloud. Automatic sync doesn't work yet.


Available features

  • You can add, edit and delete transactions.
  • Most cells in the table are editable.
  • You can drag transactions to the category or split.
  • You can drag an expense transaction into the income group and vice versa.
  • Transaction window (popover) can be detached: simply drag it and OK and Cancel buttons will appear.
  • Click on the table header (right mouse button) to show additional columns. Columns can be reordered as well.
  • To add category simply enter its name in the correspoding fild in the transaction edit window.
  • You can drag one category into another as well as transactions.
  • Undo and redo function also available: menu - Edit - Undo or cmd+Z


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