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New Version Offers Automated Backup, Enhanced CSV Import/Export and Reporting and New Breakthrough Price

April 1, 2011 – Alzex Software today announces Personal Finances Pro 4.4, the latest version of the personal budegt software for Windows PC and USB flash drive. Version 4.4 adds some new features and enhancements to the popular budget software, while making it more accessible to users.

In developing Personal Finances Pro 4.4, the main focus was on the safety of budget data. The program offers a new automated backup feature that ensures guaranteed recovery of transactions in case of unexpected hardware or system failures that may damage computer files. Also the new release introduces enhancements to the CSV data import/export tool and reporting feature that generates reports without errors.

Also the authors of Personal Finances decided to encourage hesitating customers to switch from the paper register to the computer home accounting software and benefit from this move. Starting with 1 April 2011, Personal Finances 4.4 is available only as the Pro edition and sells for the breakthrough price of $29.95, rather than $34.95 as before.

What is Personal Finances Pro?

Personal Finances lets users take control of all aspects of personal budget, starting from the analysis of the current income and spending to forecasting expenses at any future date. The software brings a winning combination of essential features and simplicity. The user can create and manage the unlimited number of accounts for credit cards, bank accounts, electronic money; track current and planned income and expenses; enter recurring transactions with a single click; sort transactions by categories, family members and tags to understand individual spending habits. The calendar view of transactions helps to gain a quick insight into daily expenses, while various reports and diagrams help the user see the flow of money from a general picture down to details.

Moving from the paper register to the budget app does not come easy for many beginners because they have to learn a new interface that often boasts too many complex tools and settings. With Personal Finances everything is simple and easy thanks to the intuitive, task-oriented interface. Those people, who never tried a personal budget software before, can take control of their money virtually in an hour.

Personal Finances is also ideal for those who are often on the move. The program has a portable version that can be installed on a USB flash drive and taken on a business trip or vacations. When there’s a need to manage money, the user just plugs the drive into any available computer, does the job and unplugs the device. All data is securely stored on the USB stick, not a single bit of information is saved to the hard disk of the local computer.

About Alzex Software

Alzex Software is a developer of budget software for tracking personal finance on Windows computers and USB flash drives. The flagship product is Personal Finances, which has become very popular with thousands of home users throughout the world. For more information, visit


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