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My best compliments and thanks to have created this personal finance software

I would say that since a couple of days I am evaluating your home finance software and it is really convincing... Thanks to have created this personal finance software!

I would say that since a couple of days I am evaluating your home finance software and it is really convincing: simpler than Quicken and Money, complete enough for my needs and nevertheless plenty of unexpected but very useful and nice features, friendly and clear as Buxfer (and actually faster in respect of) with the plus of local installation… my best compliments and thanks to have created personal finance software!

Matteo Bottecchia


How to use personal finance software right

Many people believe that keeping track of personal finances is boring and complicated. Actually, it’s not. The problem is that most of the beginners are trying to do this in detail and they spent a lot of time on minor expenses.

Keep track on little purchases to save big

Have you ever tried to save up money, avoiding expensive purchases like designer clothes and costly food but found what came into the pocket, came out? If the answer is “yes”, you should try doing a budget.

Personal finance software helps get rid of overspending syndrome

As a person who just started a new career, or got a promotion, handling new opportunities, including a higher salary can be somewhat hard. People start experiencing the symptoms of repetitive shopping strain and overspending syndrome.

Stay on top of economic troubles with budget software

More and more people today are worried about what’s going on in the financial markets. Keeping a strict family budget is a good way to stay on top of these troubles.

Home budget software to help you survive financial crisis

Do you know how to avoid getting caught in the financial crisis? This question addresses one of the biggest fears most everyone has today. If giants like Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers get shaken to their foundations, how can an average person resist getting caught?

How to Keep your Money and Accounts Secure Online

With online banking and shopping convenience, more people are using the Internet to carry out financial transactions and make purchases. However, at the same time, cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of vulnerabilities to steal consumer money, identities, and passwords.



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