Keep track on little purchases to save big

Have you ever tried to save up money, avoiding expensive purchases like designer clothes and costly food but found what came into the pocket, came out? If the answer is “yes”, you should try doing a budget.

Doing a budget

Doing a budget is not about keeping tabs on the “big”, most expensive purchases, it’s about precisely calculating every cent you spend. It’ll help you to understand that a lot is actually spent in little purchases like a bottle of Coca-Cola, bubble gum, candies, cigarettes and other little pleasures of life that people tend to forget about, thinking they are not serious. However $5 spent daily makes $150 a month and $1825 a year. That’s a pretty good reason to start budgeting.

Accounting software

For most people, budgeting is important but it seems like a very hard thing to do. However with the special software like Alzex Personal Finance, you can find budgeting to be a breeze, as compared to budgeting with the good-old pen and paper, or MS Excel spreadsheets. With Alzex Finance, it’s easy to enter accounts and transactions, easy to follow your financial health as the program puts all of the personal financial information and control tools right at your fingertips. The program is a great tool for people who have a poor money sense but interested in getting control over the personal finances without giving up all the pleasures of life. It’ll help to generate reports to look at your spending and identify problem areas. For example, these can be burgers you eat everyday during the lunchbreak, cigarettes, bubble gum, coffee vending machines and other little expenses that actually cost a lot, when put together. Once you know your problem categories, you can optimize your spending and habits. Bring your own food to work, cut back on cigarettes and stop chewing. Set some goals and work towards them. Make sure you follow the path and review the spending in Alzex Personal Finance every week. You’ll be fine and stay on track.

Enter every single expense

Step one of what you need to do is collect banking card statements, paychecks, and other documents that show your income. You need all this to enter your earnings into Alzex Personal Finance. Step two is to enter your monthly expenses like utility, food, fuel, rent, entertainment and one-time purchases like that extra burger, coffee, bubble gum, candies and other little pleasures of life. Remember that budgeting is not about the big generics, it’s about specifics, so enter every single expense item carefully, even if it costs less than a dollar. Split big expense items into smaller parts, so instead of entertainment, enter specific expenses like DVD disks, movies, theaters, concerts, etc. Plus, you need to define transactions with categories, tags and family members, if married.

Cut down expenses

The moment of truth comes about when all data is in. Look at the summary of all transactions split by categories on the main window, generate reports and look at expense categories closer. Focus on inessential problem areas where you can make cutbacks. Let’s say, this is eating out, coffee machines, cigarettes. If you see that you spend $500 on this a month, get this down to $400 in the next month and to $200 a month later. Withdraw $400 from the credit card account, put it in the wallet and try to spend it over a month, without withdrawing more cash. Stick to the budget, it’ll help you to avoid spending more than planned. Soon you will see changes for better.

Home accounting software lets you get rid of a struggle to make both end meet. Budgeting makes life very peaceful and comfortable. When your income exceeds expenses and you are saving up for the future, your life is beautiful. There is peace, no stress. Using Alzex Personal Finance to do budgeting makes for a happy, healthy life.

User testimonials

I have used other financial software in the past (MS Money and Quicken), but have always ended up giving up after a few weeks due to unfriendly and over complicated interfaces. This home accounting software is another matter – the program is a joy to use; the beauty of the product lies in its simplicity. I have been using it since the start of 2009 & still find it a joy to use.

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Additional information

  • Zero-based budgeting - is an approach to planning and decision-making that reverses the working process of traditional budgeting.
  • Envelope system - is a popular method for visualizing and maintaining a budget. The key idea is to store the cash to meet separate categories of household expenses in physically separate envelopes.


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