Personal budget

The Personal budget section makes it easy and convenient for you to monitor progress in achieving your financial goals. Controlling home finances is fairly simple. All you need is to spend less money than you get. This is generally true for all. If you do not follow this rule, you will be tangled up in debt.
This budget software offers a fairly simple, yet effective tool for controlling expenses and managing the personal budget. Once the budget is set, the program automatically calculates your income and expenses and compares them with the amount you plan to spend during a week, month or year. The program displays the personal budget graphically and numerically, how much you exceeded the limit and how much you can spend without going beyond reasonable limits. Creating and editing budget entries.
Personal budget


Select columns and their order.

Group by

Group budget items by categories, family members, payee or projects.


Show / hide filter panel.


Show / hide actions panel.

Tracking savings

5. Tracking savings
Controlling savings, how much is planned to save, how much is actually saved, balance and progress.

Tracking budget

6. Tracking budget
Budget, how much can be spent, how much is spent, balance and progress.

Detailed information about the selected budget item

Money spent in previous months, money spent on average during all periods. Forecast for next months (based on planned transactions). View transactions that fall into this personal budget item. You can select the depth of history and forecast from the drop-down list.