• Categories


Alzex Personal Finance software is based on the idea of dividing income (and expenses) by categories. This allows you to see areas of expenditure and amount of money spent without having to analyze reports. The system of categories is designed in the form of a tree with unlimited nesting. Each category may have its own sub categories, and sub categories may have their own sub categories. Also transactions can be separated by family members and defined with special tags. As a result, you can easily evaluate the flow of money, starting from the big picture and down to the smallest details.
The system of categories allows you to separate transactions by their type. It helps you to track home budget, know exactly how much money is spent and what categories that money is spent on, pinpoint areas of excessive expenditure and cut down unnecessary expenses. The same can be said about separating by family members, payees and projects. Tags are like categories. However, a transaction may have only one category and unlimited number of tags.
To move one category to another, simply drag it with the mouse. Drag the category to the empty place to move it to the root.