Managing data

Add, edit and delete transactions, events, debts, budget and financial goals.
Alzex Personal Finance software offers several useful tools to make it easy for you to use the program and save time.
Batch editing. Batch editing allows you to set a category to a group of records and also rename them, set status, hide records from other users, protect from editing and much more.
Creating copies. You can copy any transaction or category and make edits if necessary.
Auto fill. You can either select a transaction name from the list of available names or enter the first letters and the program fills an appropriate name itself.
Saving date of recent transaction. You can easily create several transactions post factum without the need to enter date of each new transaction.
Built-in calculator. To open the calculator, select Tools > Calculator or click the button which you can find in every field for entering a number or amount. The calculator does basic arithmetic operations and stores one number in memory. Memory is not cleared after closing the calculator, so stored data can be used later.