The scheduler creates regular transactions (for example, monthly bills for the apartment, telephone, Internet, etc.). These transactions are created automatically at a predefined time, so you do not have to do anything manually. You need to enter all transaction data and set the schedule only once.
Click main menu Tools - Templates to open the list of templates. You can set the default template, which will be used for each new transaction. In the list under the "Date" column, you can check the status of the schedule (active or not) and see the date of the nearest event. Configuring a transaction schedule.
The context menu of the scheduled transaction has an option called "Accept" that allows you to create a transaction instantly. So, it is easy to create similar transactions that you cannot create a schedule for (those that occur occasionally). If the schedule is available, a transaction is created after clicking the Accept button. In this case, the schedule moves to the date of the next event.