• Application settings

Application settings

Here you can see global settings of Alzex Personal Finance software. To open the dialog, click Tools > Application settings. Also this window opens on the first run of the program.
Application settings


Our home budget software was translated to many languages and you can choose any of them. Since the program is translated by users on their own, you may see incomplete or incorrect translation to some languages. We would appreciate if you could send updated or corrected translation. Translated files are plain text files, stored in the program folder, for example: C:\Program Files\Personal Finances Pro\Lang\

Date format

The program uses the default date format set in the system. Also you can specify any other format you want.

Number format

Decimal separator - settings that define the display of amounts in the program. In USA generally use 1,000.00. You can choose any format you like.

First day of week

The week may start on different days in different countries. In the United States it is Sunday.

Toolbar captions

You can disable toolbar captions to save space.

Overview tab

The program remembers the last tab that you worked with and opens it when you run the program again. If you want the program to open the Overview tab at all times, you need to check this box.

Extra icons

Alzex Personal Finance home budget software allows you to use your own icons for categories and accounts in addition to the standard set. You need to copy .ico files to My Documents\Personal Finances\UserIcons\. If the program is installed on a USB drive, the folder with icons will be in the same folder where database files are stored. Each file should contain images of two sizes: 24x24 and 32x32.


It is recommended to back up your budget database at least once a week. The database is a small file and copies will not take much space. By default backup copies are stored in My Documents\Personal Finances\Backup\, but you can choose another location.