• Data export

Data export

Alzex Personal Finance software allows you to export data to QIF (Quicken Interexchange format), CSV (Comma separated values) and text with delimiters (tabs, commas, etc.).
QIF files are a universally recognized standard for information exchange between personal budget software. However the file format is strictly limited and not all information can be exported to this format. If you need to export all fields of a transaction, try export to CSV file.
CSV files can be opened in Excel and imported by most home budget software. Though there are no clear rules and specifications for such files, this format allows you to export maximum amount of data, whereas, for example, QIF is strictly limited and only some data from Alzex Personal Finance budget software can be exported to this format.
On the main menu, click Tools > Export. This opens the window for selecting a file. Select the file type that you want to use for data export (QIF, CSV or TXT) from the drop-down list at the bottom of the window. Enter the file name and click Save. This opens the export settings window. Select all necessary settings and click OK.