• Data import

Data import

There are two main ways to load data to the home budget software. You can enter each transaction manually or download data from online banking and import it to the program. You can import data in QIF (Quicken Interchange Format), OFX (Open Financial Exchange), CSV (comma separated values) or a delimited text file (tab, comma, or other delimiter). These are the most common formats for data exchange between personal budget software.
On the main menu, select Tools > Import. This opens the window for selecting a file. Select the file type you want to import (QIF, OFX, CSV or TXT) from the drop-down list at the bottom of the window. Find and select the necessary file and click to open. This opens the import window. Select all necessary settings and click OK.
This opens the preview window of imported transactions. Here you can select transactions that you want to import. If everything is correct, click OK to complete the import. If there are errors (wrong dates, numbers, or gibberish instead of text), click Cancel and adjust the import settings.
Put a tick against those transactions that you want to import. All other transactions will be skipped. By default transactions that are already in the database, are not selected (if the Detect Duplicates option was enabled).
Data import