Currency selection

The first thing to do is to choose which currencies you want to work with. To open the currency list, go to the Tools menu and click "Currencies". The list contains all the world's currencies, as well as precious metals. You can also add your own currencies, including "virtual currencies". Selected currencies are listed first, unselected currencies are grayed out, and the default currency is marked with a star. If you selected the currencies from the demo database, dollars and euros will already be listed. To find and add a currency, enter its alphabetic code or part of the name in the search field below. For example, entering "GBP" will leave a single currency in the list: the British pound.
Currency selection
Double-click a currency to view its properties. For convenience it is best to rename it to "Pounds" and change the designation from "GBP" to the £ symbol (you can copy the symbol straight from here). The currency code is used to load exchange rates from the internet. Codes for built-in currencies cannot be changed. Uncheck "Hide currency" to make it available for use. Click "OK". That's it – your currency is ready to use.
Be sure to set the default currency by selecting it from the list and clicking "Set default". A total balance for all accounts is displayed in the default currency, and amounts will be calculated using it in many other places as well. You can hide unused currencies by selecting them from the list and clicking "Disable". After selecting your currencies, proceed to account creation.

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