• Getting started

Getting started

When you run Alzex Personal Finance software for the first time, it prompts you to open a demo database. This database is partially completed with data and contains several accounts, a tree of categories and expenses for one month. Beginners are recommended to use this database to learn software and basics of budgeting: you can add several transactions and play with the settings to familiarize yourself with the interface and features of the program.
After viewing the demo database, go on to create your own database. In the File menu, select "New". Enter the file name (for example, "My Finances") and click "Save". Your database has been created. Now you need to select your currencies.
Alzex Personal Finance software lets you work with unlimited number of databases. A database is a file with a PFD extension. Since all information is stored in one small file, you can easily move it to a new location, copy to disk, send by email, or make a backup copy (File > Save as...). You can save a database file to a network shared drive and work with it from different computers simultaneously. A database can be protected with a password.
It is recommended to back up the database regularly and save backup copies to a safe location (Cloud, USB drive). It can help you to restore data quickly in case of computer crashes or disk failures. To create a backup copy of the database, click File > Save as... or enable cloud backup in the application settings.