Creating categories

Home accounting is based on the idea of sorting income and expenses into categories. This makes it easy to see how much money is being spent on what, and to analyze and reduce unnecessary spending. The category system takes the form of an unlimited tree chart: each category can have subcategories, which in turn can have subcategories of their own, and so on. In general, expense classification in this program is highly developed: you can sort transactions by family member, payee, and project, assign unlimited tags, "star" important transactions, and set transaction status. This makes it easy to track the movements of all your funds – from an overview down to the minutest details.
Click "Categories" on the toolbar, a list of categories will appear. There will already be several typical categories listed. You can drag and drop categories from one to another and rearrange them.
Creating categories
To create a category, click "+". Enter the category name and select an icon.
An approximate category tree can be created immediately, or categories can be added as needed at the time of data entry. There is no need to concentrate too heavily on this; experience has shown that you will completely rearrange the category tree several times as you use the program. The program has all the tools necessary to quickly and easily transfer transactions from one category to another, and to re-sort and reclassify expenses (batch editing and filters, undoing and redoing any changes). Create several categories, or proceed immediately to expense accounting.

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